I’m Zoe Cullington, a Bristol based Creative Artworker. 
Having worked with a varied list of clients, I have many years proven experience in both print and digital. The fastest, smoothest and most efficient turnaround of work is where I excel. Whether I’m artworking a brochure or designing digital banners, my eagle-eyed, calm approach ensures that everything is finished to the very highest standard. Passionate about producing quality work, I’m a committed, keen and productive team member.
An InDesign pro, I’m equally at home producing large format graphics as well as rolling out creative for a series of campaign assets. I’m confident retouching and comping together images in Photoshop, and love drawing smooth vectors in Illustrator. 
Self employed since 2014, I have freelanced with various agencies including Smith & Milton, 375 and Mr B & Friends. Prior to this I was Creative Artworker at Mason Zimbler for 6 years. I have worked with a range of high profile clients including Microsoft, Toshiba, Samsung, Google and Vodafone and have a variety of artworking, design and illustration projects under my belt. ​​​​​​​
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